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A start

One of the hardest challenges playing Sims is the budget you get when you start a new family. I have to admit that I always use the motherlode cheat *innocent look*, but this is the only possibilty to give my Sims a nice place to live.
A single sim has an amount of 16.500 Simeleons which is nothing when you want a house with style. The prefab houses for this budget are not stylish at all.  But it is still possible to create a really great place for your Sims just using the content from EA.
I build the below ouse for a challenge for Living Sims. The task was to build a house without CC (or just very little) and stay within the budget given. The house has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and an open kitchen/living space. It also contains a parking lot for one car.

This house contains no CC and was build on 20x15 lot. Price: 15.912 Simeleons.


Have fun building.^^


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