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Blast from the past - Blog Train

Time goes by very very fast. I´ve just noticed that I haven´t been updating since 2 months.

Thanks to the Blog Train I am back on the track. ^^ At least for the Vintage Blog Train.

I couldn´t put much time and efforts in creating something, as I cannot find stuff I really like at the moment. But you all will get some great stuff with this Blog Train, as there are some wonderful creators participating.

My lil goodie:

A set of 5 prints - a nice addition to some midcentury homes.



Mesh by Simply Styling


5 Kommentare:

Anonymous said...

Oh we must have the same taste or something. I was debating rungs or paintings and I had collected the same art when I was going to do paintings. Now I don't have to. These are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Amanda said...

These are so cute! Thanks! <3

WebbyMom said...

Ohmygosh, I particularly love those bottom two, but they're all very cool! Thanks for making them, they're sooo fun!

LemonJelly said...

Love these! They will go perfectly in the house I am playing at the moment :)

alexpilgrim said...

Lovely paintings, thanks for sharing! ;)

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