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Still alive and kicking

Omg omg ... I haven´t updated since ages. I am still alive (obviously^^) and I even made some stuff meanwhile but just cba to upload it here.

I was wondering what to do today and I was shocked when I recognized how much time pass since my last post here.

So finally here are some new posters. ^^

An idea how they look ingame ...

There is a 6th poster in that file. Silly me forgot to include it in the preview.

If you like them

Credits go to Mushir at deviantart and fabulousfabulous at deviantart for the pics.
And not to forget Ritsuka for the mesh


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Jasumi said...

Thanks, very cool and modern!

Karinilla said...

Thank you Jasumi. :) I love your worlds btw. Great job you are doing there. ^^

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