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Cute pandas

Some days ago I did a challenge at Living Sims. I was challenged to decorate a room for a panda loving girl. I searched then for some panda pics, but didn´t really find something something I liked. So I made some pics myself and some of them I´d like to share.

To get an idea how they´d like to look ingame ...

Go here for the pandas

Credits for the cute pics go to Snowmask at deviantart


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tinibutton said...

I love pandas, these are so adorable! May I please ask where you found the pattern on the chairs, and the panda doll on the shelf?
~ Mandi

Karinilla said...

Hi Mandi. :)
The panda doll comes together with the shelf and it is part of the generatiosn ep. The pattern is from Thesimsresource:

tinibutton said...

Oh too bad, I don't have Generations. But I am downloading the pattern now. Thank you!

~ Mandi

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