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The movie madness goes on

After my long break from sims I am atm quite in mood for it. So I made some more movie posters.

Download them as sims3.package

Credits go to Jennalynn123 at deviantart, Grafilabs at deviantart, rcrosby93 at deviantart, lastrevolution at deviantart, dylan co at deviantart and fabulousfabulous at deviantart for the posters.
Mesh by Ritsuka


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custom greeting cards said...

Wow........ they are really looking rocking movie posters. And I really want to appreciate you behalf of this massive art. I am highly impressed to see your glorious art. Thanks for sharing some magnificent and heart throbbing movie posters in this post. I really want to salute your creativity. Thanks for sharing.

Karinilla said...

Thanks cgc, your comment made me happy. :)
... But my only creativity lies in making sims pics of some great stuff I found on deviantart (I menetioned in the credits).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for compiling this beauty for our sims! :)

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